Become the athlete you were born to be.

Welcome to my page. My name is Michael. 

I have a huge passion for all Training, which makes helping others a pleasure


It's been amazing working with all of my clients over the last 9 years in the gym, outside and online. 

If you would like to learn a bit more about me read below.

"That is when I started lifting weights for rehab. Deadlifts and pull-ups. That was my cure."

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To where I am now in short!

I've been qualified at level 3 since 2012, and I have just over 10 years of training experience. 
I am a freelance trainer in the Fife and Edinburgh area, and I have position at pure gym Edinburgh West. I also offer Online coaching from home covering all aspects of training if all you need is support. Sign up here 
My first proper taste of training was late 2008 when I started running. But I very quickly got involved in lifting weights during my time in the military (2009-2012). 
The way the physical sessions were conducted in the army developed enormous mental strength. Which plays a massive factor regardless of what your fitness goals are.
The key areas that I personally like to focus on are:

Bodybuilding - Building muscle mass

Strength Training - Increasing your ability to lift heavy 

Gymnastics - Everything from Walking on your hands to exceptional core conditioning 

Calisthenics - Focussing on manipulating your own bodyweight

Endurance running - 5k, 10k, 20k, 26.3 miles you name it

Weight loss - Lifestyle adjustments through nutrition and physical activity level 



To date, one of my proudest achievements in the training world was my second Edinburgh marathon in 2018 wearing my 9kg weighted vest. 


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